Welcome to the 1st International LOCOTACT Conference

to be held in Essen, Germany, from June 8-10, 2023.

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The German Collaborative Research Consortium “Local Control of Thyroid Hormone Action” (CRC/Transregio 296) is highly delighted to invite clinicians and basic researchers interested in thyroid hormone (TH) research to our first international conference. Presentations will cover new insights to the cell- and organ-specific functions of TH transporters, deiodinases and TH receptors. Novel translational concepts for treating rare (e.g. MCT8 deficiency) and common diseases will be discussed as well.

The scientific programme covers plenary lectures given by internationally renowned speakers and experts in the field. The international conference will start on Thursday, June 8th, 3 pm and will end in the early afternoon on Saturday, June 10th. 2023.

Oral and poster presentations by young investigators are highly welcome. Abstract submission and registration site will be open in January 2023.

We are very much looking forward to welcome you in Essen!


Dagmar Führer, MD PhD
Speaker of CRC/TR 296



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Programme Committee

Dagmar Führer, MD PhD, Essen
Jens Mittag, PhD, Lübeck
Heiko Krude, MD, Berlin
Heike Heuer, PhD, Essen
Anna Cirkel, MD Lübeck
Josef Köhrle, PhD, Berlin

Confirmed Speakers  

Anita Boelen - Amsterdam UMC, The Netherlands
Krishna Chatterjee - Cambridge Clinical Research Centre, UK
Monica Dentice - University of Naples, Italy
Anthony Hollenberg - Boston Medical Center, USA
Laurent Sachs - CNRS-MNHN, Paris, France
W. Edward Visser – EMC Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Graham Williams - Imperial College London, UK

The 1st International LOCOTACT Conference is sponsored by:

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